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Project Description
A plugin for Vista MCE written in MCML for managing different types of media. Search available content sources for media and select to aquire them by downloading, recording or adding them to a rental queue.

This application was written with a plugin architecture so each content source will have a plugin written for it. Currently the plugins available are
*Netflix - This is a plugin for Netflix. If you have a netflix account this will allow you to search the Netflix database and add items to the queue. Now watch it now just yet.
*EPG - This is a plugin for the epg guide in media center. Allow searching through the guide for shows and setting them to record.
*TVRss - This is a plugin for the tvrss website that allows you to search for shows and download them via uTorrent.
Future Plugins
*Torrents - Expand the tvrss plugin to include other torrent sites as well.
*My Movies - Allows you to interact with the my movies database in order to check if you already own a particular movie or just be able to search them.
*MyTVDB - Allow media manager to get metadata about tv shows and see what all episodes exists for a particular show/season.

I have used the following libraries in order to do some of the funcionality
*Argotic Syndication Framework - For doing some of the RSS stuff in the application.
*uTorrentLib - For the uTorrent integration piece.
*WrapNetflix - For the Netflix plugin.
*MCMLookalike - Used for learning some of the UI. I have since reworked a lot of this.
*Z & Q Project - Media Center SDK

Current Release
MCE Media Manager Screenshot 1.jpg

MCEMediaManager - Guide.jpg
MCEMediaManager - TVRss.jpg
MCEMediaManager - Hulu.jpg
MCEMediaManager - Netflix.jpg

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